Teen Town TAlent
~A Place to Play!~

Welcome to Teen Town :
*A Community for Youth and Teens*
 Perform Together 
*Share the Magic*
Teen Town TAlent
Teen Town is a venue and community 
where youth and teens can come together to network 
and share in creative expression and performance
in a safe and open environment.
Music, poetry, comedy, dance, theater, and more...
All forms of healthy and positive self-expression encouraged~
Negativity and aggression  are  not welcome here.
Monthly Open-mic nights will be First Fridays
beginning Friday, February 5, 2016. 6-9pm.
Sebastopol Community Cultural Center
390 Morris St.
Sebastopol, Ca. 95472
Sign-ups by e-mail or at the door- beginning at 6pm.
~ Shawnie4blues@gmail.com ~
Equipment provided will be:
Sound board (including engineer), 3 mics, Drum set, speakers and monitors. (Thanks Mr.Music! :)
Please bring amps, instruments, music stand or any extra mics as needed.
~ Peace ~
The Sebastopol Community Cultural Center (SCCC) is hosting this collaborative project and providing the space to develop & facilitate the Teen Town Project (First Fridays 2016). Sound equipment donation made possible by Mr.Music.
Some of the benefits the Teen Town experience can provide :
  • Help cultivate discipline & independence
  • Share  skills and talents with others
  • Encourage Teamwork and community
  • Build Confidence and self-esteem
  • Collaborate with others to create a masterpiece
  • Help develop enriching relationships
  • Provide Entertainment for the community
  • Work, practice and perfect ones skills through discipline and dedication - for concert/ performance/recording
  • Develop skills and talents that can provide income.
  • Inspire healthy self-expression
  • Have fun!
                  Teen Town Talent
provides a SPACE where teens and youth can perfom
and network, create  and collaborate  together,
with the support and guidance of
experienced adult mentors.
 ALSO Reaching out
                  to local schools and neighborhoods,
  Teen Town incorporates outreach 
efforts geared toward youth at risk &
those living
in residential care,  foster
or transitional housing 
in the area. 
First Fridays Open Mic 2016:
     Feb. 5, Mar.4, Apr.1, May 6, Jun.3
Sebastopol Community Cultural Center
Main Auditorium
390 Morris Street
Sebastopol, Ca. 95472
This project is inspired by love for music!
 years of creative exploration
and years of social service work 
with young people and families....
...Ever amazed by the gifts we all have to offer 
& the healing of creative expression...
I am always moved by young artists
and creativity in this rare pure form.  
 WiTH the magical touch of an angel named Trish (Patty...Patricia).
In her days on the earth and now from above
this beautiful lady reached so many people
with her blessings of creative love and passion....
Artist, dancer, singer, friend, sister, daughter...
she was like a butterfly
or a fairy  
sharing her joy with all she touched.  
And she touched me - and helped inspire me to start this project -
As a way to keep her spirit living on~
~&Providing a place for young people
to come express themselves 
and share their gifts and talents with the world.
Talk ~ Sing ~ Walk ~ Dance ~ Cry ~ Laugh ~ Play ~ Live!
Hi ! i'm Shawnie

    I hope to share my 
 love of music
& education~ 
to help inspire youth to come
 share their creative selves
with eachother & with their community.
When i was a kid , growing up in Sebastopol-

I know i would have enjoyed having a place like this to go 
for creative exploration & expression!
Music is the healing
of the universe.

Come and see the magic
unfold on the big stage:
First Fridays Open-Mic Night
at  SCCC
all Volunteers,